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This knob idiot ass arse douche ran off - dog cat tag pet tag ID

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*please note that I am not able to stamp the reverse of any items - marks will show through, it looks messy and ruins the finished product*

Please note that some tags with charms are sold with a tiny split ring. This is intended to go on the charm and then used to attach the charm to the large split ring. Please do not attach your tags to this ring as it is not strong enough and you risk losing them!

Change the wording however suits you!

On the back disc I am able to stamp your contact details including phone number, house number and postcode.

I will try to accommodate all requests so please ask if you need something different.

Brass tag 25mm

Large nickel plated tag 32mm

Please send a message during the checkout process with your info and choice of charm, or send me a private message.

Thank you!

Shipping to the US - please note that some states have received tags as quickly as 7 days, some as late as 28 days. Unfortunately we have no control over this.

Items are usually made within 5-7 days, however I request up to 14 to account for busier periods. If you wish to upgrade and have your items made sooner (within 3 working days) please purchase the "queue jump" listing also.

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Customer reviews

Gabriela P Ramirez
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It?s perfect in every way!!

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So Happy with this purchase! I have two made by Posh Tags now and looking to get another one made!\n\nThanks!

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I ordered a few tags from this seller. Contacted her before placing the order as I wanted a more ?custom order? to my custom order. I explained what I wanted and she said ?I can do that?. When I placed the order, which I?ve done many times with my other dog tag guy, I specified where I wanted each ?line? located on the tag. The seller sent me a proof on Monday 02/25. I was out of town at a seminar that Monday and Tuesday and responded back to her first thing Wednesday morning that the tags looked great but there were a few things wrong ? could they be corrected. Instead of answering me and trying to find a resolution, she passive-aggressively told me the order had been sent (sad face emoji) ? like I?m 6 years old ? adding insult to injury. I then responded back saying I wish for a refund as the order is not right. I furt

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They are so cute! They fit perfectly on all 3 kitties, we love their unique tags.

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