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Could you please call my mum/dad/humans/family? pet cat dog ID tag Hand stamped #PoshTags

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*please note that I am not able to stamp the reverse of any items - marks will show through, it looks messy and ruins the finished product*

Please note that some tags with charms are sold with a tiny split ring. This is intended to go on the charm and then used to attach the charm to the large split ring. Please do not attach your tags to this ring as it is not strong enough and you risk losing them!

Brass and nickel discs

Large 25&32mm

Medium 25&28mm

Small 25&25mm (won't have the layered look as both discs are the same size)

On the back tag I will hand stamp your details (phone number/numbers, house number, postcode)

Any questions please message me 

Shipping to the US - please note that some states have received tags as quickly as 7 days, some as late as 28 days. Unfortunately we have no control over this.

Any questions please ask Items are usually made within 5-7 days, however I request up to 14 to account for busier periods. If you wish to upgrade and have your items made sooner (within 3 working days) please purchase the "queue jump" listing also.

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Shop owner was super nice and helpful and my tags came out awesome and shipped very fast even though I?m in the states. I was a little worried with my husky?s fur covering the tag but that wasn?t an issue at all and the size is perfect for a large breed fur monster. The tags have kept through the wear and tear of being attached to a tornado, backyard destroying doggo for months now. If you buy those cheap tags at the pet store through that engraving machine it?s going to wear right off bc the engravings are so superficial and shallow but these tags are quality and the letters are punched in deeply so they will last long. 10/10! Now off to my other quarantine reviews that I keep forgetting to post!!

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This was the 2 tag I?ve ordered because the first tags fell off... well technically the 3rd, because the second never arrived. That?s being said, when I asked about tracking and that I hadn?t received my order, Gemma made me another set of tags and shipped them outimmediately! I will always recommend posh tags! Great product and great customer service!

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I love how this tag turned out! It looks just as good as in the product pictures, plus I can now hear my dog jingling along in the woods while we hike!

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Absolutely fantastic quality items with real attention to detail, beautiful designs and amazing customer service. Couldn?t be more pleased :) Highly recommend!!\n\nThank you so much x

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