About Us

#PoshTags is a small independent company set in a little village near Sheffield, UK.

We have always had pets and know the importance of an ID tag in the event of a missing pet emergency - whether your kitty has gone wandering or your dog has simply been an ass and run off!

We're in our third year making tags and over time we've expanded into other items such as quirky personalised keyrings, hand stamped jewellery and more recently resin items containing fur.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. All orders receive a photograph of the finished item(s) before sending and we actively beg (no pun intended!) for photos of pets sporting our tags - who wouldn't want to get sent photos of cute and funny pets as part of their job?!

Absolutely every single item is hand made from scratch once an order is placed allowing the customer to make whatever amendments they wish. Flexibility is a core part of the service. If you have something specific in mind or don't see QUITE what you're looking for - just ask!

We happily post WORLDWIDE